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Case studies

Marin Block Jacket Installation

In early January 2015, our new 600t Jacket Levelling Tool (JLT) and two of our 48-84” Internal Lifting Tools (ILT) returned from West Africa, where they had been used in the successful installation of two jackets in the Etame Marin Block project.

LM Handling supported Acteon sister company, LDD, offering handling expertise and equipment for this project with EMAS. The work took place from EMAS’ flagship vessel, the Lewek Constellation.

Lifting and Handling Equipment
LM Handling provided 2no ILTs, complete with power packs and hose reels for pile handling, and a 600t JLT to level the two jacket structures. The JLT was designed and built for the project, and now forms part of our rental fleet. It enables accurate and safe levelling of the jackets to tight tolerances, whilst freeing up the vessel’s main crane so it can progress other works. This significantly speeds up the overall jacket installation works, saving precious vessel time and costs.

Foundation Installation Package
Sister company, LDD, provided a complete foundation installation package which included, alongside our equipment and services, pile top drilling services, grouting services and experienced personnel. For more information on the complete service, please see LDD's website.


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