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Hydraulic Release Shackle (HRS)

Our Hydraulic Release Shackles (HRS) are typically used where unhooking the load is not possible, or the associated risks and/or costs of unhooking are too great; such as working at height, restrictive access, unsafe environments and deep water depths.

The new design Hydraulic Release Shackle range can be operated with the following:

  • Work-class Remote Operated Vehicle (WROV) valves
  • Hotstab actuation
  • Accumulator quick-release
  • Radio control
  • Hydro acoustic control

The new standard design gives you the flexibility of a bespoke HRS without the extra design costs and long lead times.

We can offer basic shackles which are surface powered via a hose reel, with a diver fail-safe, or provide you with multi-purpose shackles incorporating all of the features listed above.

We have a range of power packs to suit many different requirements, from hand-pumps to electric and diesel powered hydraulic power units (HPUs).  These can be configured to actuate the shackles independently or at the same time.

Our range of manual or powered hose reels will be offered depending on your specific requirement.


75 - 1500t


  • Designed to DNV standards
  • Full WROV intervention options
  • Umbilical options: powered or hand operated reels combined with HPU if required
  • Safety feature to override hydraulic failure for WROV/Diver actuation
  • Purchase or rental options available
  • Various Hydraulic Power Unit options: electro or diesel, hand operated pump units, mini power units AC or air powered
  • Pressurised accumulator systems for deep water actuation or quick release
  • Hydro acoustic or radio controls

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