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Internal Lifting Tool (ILT)

The Internal Lifting Tool (ILT) is a versatile pile and conductor handling tool.

ILTs can be easily inserted in a vertical or horizontal position and can be used to a depth of 3,000 m. 

Most of our ILTs are supplied in a dedicated DNV certified container, which doubles as an on-site workshop container. Spacers can be changed quickly, allowing the tool to be resized in a fast, simple and safe way - especially important for multi-sized piling projects.

The ILT self-locks once a lifting load is applied to ensure safe operation.

We have recently developed our new 30" - 60" ILT which is available for rental.  This tool has included various design changes to create a market-leading, flexible tool that works for you.

Advantages of the LM Handling ILT:

  1. Fully designed in accordance with, and verified by, DNV
  2. It is safe to upend the pile with the umbilical disconnected
  3. A wide range of common pile sizes catered for
  4. Just one setting for each pile size covers a wide range of available wall thicknesses
  5. The ILT is simple and quick to configure between pile sizes
  6. The lifting arm removal is simple and quick to perform
  7. High quality Swagelok stainless steel fittings used
  8. Improved grease distribution and ease of application
  9. Built-in stainless steel accumulator
  10. Choice between WROV or umbilical feed is automatic, no diverter valve pre-set is required


24 - 108"


  • DNV approved design
  • Operation water depth to 3,000m
  • DNV approved 20‘ ISO container for standard shipping
  • Optional sealing module for suction capability for pile installation and pressurization for pile removal
  • Shipping container doubles as a self-contained repair, maintenance, and adjustment workshop

Main Applications

  • Subsea piling works

Recent Projects

Kraken II North Sea   2016
Bergading Malaysia   2016
Iron Duke Brunei   2016
Sonam Nigeria   2016
Badamyar Myanmar   2016
FMB Middle East   2016
T-series Middle East   2016
Rashid-C Middle East   2015
NOEX South East Asia 2015
Xanab-B & C Gulf of Mexico 2015
Mariner North Sea   2015
Kraken North Sea   2015
Booster Malaysia   2015
Shah Deniz II Azerbaijan   2015
ETAME 100 Gabon   2015
Humber Gateway UK   2014
Jalilah-B ME   2014
Enping                               China   2014
Yetagon Myanmar   2014
Alma Galia UK   2013
Kamelia Malaysia   2013
Berhad Malaysia   2013
Telok-B Malaysia   2013
SNAA Malaysia   2012
SNPA Malaysia   2012
PTSA Malaysia   2012
Cendor Fied Development Malaysia   2012
Jalilah Dubai   2011
Mumbai High North Redevelopment India   2011
Hess Ujung Pangkah Indonesia   2011
TLO Platform Installation Malaysia   2010
Topaz Fied Development  Vietnam   2010
PT Timas Indonesia   2009
TLO Platform Installations Malaysia   2009
Sapura Acergy Platform Installations India   2009
Saipem Platform Installations Indoonesia   2009

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