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Pinned Lifting Tool (PLT)

The Pinned Lifting Tool (PLT) is cost effective, simple to operate, safe and can easily be installed in vertical or horizontal piles.

PLTs feature a simple single pinning system for securing to, upending and lifting piles. Once the pile is in place the pin is typically removed manually by personnel or work-class remote operated vehicle (WROV), releasing the PLT from the pile and allowing tool recovery.

The PLTs are engineered to ensure simple operation at surface and subsea.  For our standard units there are no hydraulics, umbilicals or moving parts to go wrong or become trapped or entangled.

We typically engineer PLTs to ensure pin self-alignment when used in subsea operations.

Remote pin actuation systems can also be provided, powered from surface hydraulic power units (HPUs), WROV HPUs (hotstab) or pressurised hydraulic accumulator systems (all similar to Hydraulic Release Shackles). PLTs operate both above and below water with operational water depth limited only by WROV depth rating. 


20 - 96"


  • Easy installation in both vertical and horizontal piles
  • Fail safe, secure, positive 'pin though hole' lifting mechanism
  • No 'slipping' or loss of grip concerns
  • Product range 35 to >600 tonne
  • Size range 0.5m to 6m diameter. Standard offshore pile range from 20" to 96"
  • Surface to deepwater (3000m) applications.

Main Applications

  • FPSO & FLNG mooring systems
  • Offshore wind foundations
  • Pipeline initiation piles
  • Wave and tidal mooring systems
  • All subsea piling works

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