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The TriLift upending and lifting tool is designed for remote upending or vertical lifting of flanged monopile and transition pieces. The tool can be easily adapted for centre of gravity (CoG) adjustment, if required.

Normally hydraulically or 12/24V DC actuated, the Trilift's unique design provides a structurally fail-safe lift under pile self-weight.

The TriLift can be fitted with full remote control, including power packs fitted inside the tool.

It features a single point of lift - the arm locks for installing into horizontal pile or transition pieces, and may be released for upending and vertical lift.

The tool can be easily resized by varying spacers, with 6" internal diameter variations covering most monopile and transition piece sizes.


4500mm flange outside diameterup to 1000t


  • DNV approved design
  • Full remote control including power packs (optional)
  • Hydraulically or 12/24V DC actuated
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Lift equipment compliance certification
  • Single point lift

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