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The StabFrame enables safe and accurate piling in water depths to 2,000m, offering offshore construction companies a reliable, efficient and cost-effective way to ensure that every subsea pile-driving operation goes to plan.  Its success is its ability to adjust to varying and shifting soil conditions.

The StabFrame's modular design allows it to be transported via conventional ISO freight contrainers. This makes valuable cost efficiencies for our Clients. 

All LM Handling's StabFrames can be adapted to suit any kind of seabed geology by the addition of levelling systems and mud mat extensions.

All StabFrames are designed to DNV-OS-C20 guidelines.


In 2011, our StabFrame-H was developed for OSX1 in Brazil.

A typical pile support frame opens at a pre-determined depth, but the StabFrame-H is operated via a work-class remotely operated vehicle (WROV), which negates the requirement for an automated release system. 

This also reduces project delays due to varying ground conditions, as the WROV allows the StabFrame operator to react to variations in piling conditions.


In 2013, the StabFrame-S was developed for the Kamelia project.

The StabFrame-S is a slotted frame, allowing the anchor lug on the pile to feed through the frame.  The frame itself has a fail-safe opening option, in case unexpected soil conditions are encountered.

As the StabFrame-S is a lighter frame than the StabFrame-H, it can also be deployed on smaller vessels.

Recent Projects

Kraken II North Sea 2016 StabFrame-H
Bergading Malaysia 2016 StabFrame-S
Jangkrik Indonesia 2016 StabFrame-S
Gina Krog North Sea 2016 StabFrame-H
Mariner North Sea 2015 StabFrame-S
Kraken North Sea 2015 StabFrame-S
Enping China 2014 StabFrame-S
Kamelia Malaysia 2013 StabFrame-S
Alma Galia UK 2013 StabFrame-H
OSX1 Brazil 2011 StabFrame-H


60-96"24-48"larger frames available


  • 5 degree levelling base for piling on uneven ground
  • Pile stability analysis service, including geotechnical analysis and report
  • Accurate pile position (<1m), orientation (<2 degrees) and verticality (<1 degree) control, monitoring systems incorporated
  • Angled lift rigging for handling ease through splash zone, water column and seabed breakout
  • Customisation for special projects
  • Modular design
  • Rapid & easy assembly and disassembly as well as maintenance
  • Shipment in standard 20’ & 40’ open top ISO containers
  • Varying mud mat configurations for better weight distribution in wide range of soil conditions and seabed relief
  • Opening and open faced configuration

Main Applications

  • FPSO & FLNG mooring systems
  • Wave and tidal mooring systems
  • Single Point Mooring System (SPM)
  • Single Anchor Loading Point (SAL)
  • Pipeline Initiation Points (PIP)

The supply of the StabFrame can be complemented by the provision of hammer packages and lifting tools, or as part of a comprehensive pile installation service contract, including full construction and installation, engineering, and project management. 

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