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LM Handling provides specialised services to our clients, from the first enquiry through to project completion. We achieve this by working in compliance with our quality management system, based on BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

This tailored management system allows us to create innovative, forward thinking solutions whilst taking into account the relevant legislation, best practice, and stakeholder requirements, resulting in smooth running operations, meeting time-frames, and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Health & Safety

LM Handling’s aim is to best serve our clients and provide the required services safely, with no harm to anybody or anything. We have achieved this through the development and implementation of effective procedures, policies, and management plans, based on thorough and regularly updated risk assessments.

Our personnel are empowered, trained, and fit to complete the task that they have been assigned to do, and as such, are confident enough to ask questions about health and safety, and to find effective solutions. We have developed an effective health and safety culture within LM Handling, and are taking steps to ensure that this is maintained throughout our workforce.


LM Handling considers itself an environmentally responsible organisation, and as such, we consider the environmental aspects and impacts of our operations upon the environment in which we are working.

We develop an environmental management plan for every project, identifying the aspects, impacts, and relevant mitigation strategies to be employed, as far as reasonably practicable, based upon legislative requirements and current best practice.